Memory Squared - Design Driven Software House

A Design Driven Software House

We do dedicated digital stuff like designing and building apps, websites, e-commerce solutions and games to empower brands and make humans happy.

Memory Squared - Design Driven Software House
Memory Squared - Design Driven Software House

At Memory Squared we connect humans and computers by creating digital products that meet real needs and inspire genuine emotions and interactions. We would love to share our story and experience with You.

They can provide a great extension for startups' development and design teams. Working for GitLive they were very engaged and put a lot of effort into improving our product.
Nicholas Bransby-WilliamsGitLive - CEO

Trusted by both innovative startups and large international companies.

Member of Software Development Association Poland.

Member of Software Development Association Poland.

What we do

We can cover the whole process and product development life cycle but we’re also open to sending our developers and designers on a mission to join your team. We’re comfortable working closely with business managers to creatively place digital products into their strategy.


Personalized food deliveries e-commerce

Primate is a platform and mobile app for managing the delivery of personalized meals for its users for an entire day. We built the dedicated e-commerce solution as well as the production and logistics platform. We maintain the entire system and take care of every aspect of the digital experience of its thousands of daily users.

Primate - Personalized food deliveries e-commerce.

Industries and specialization

We focus mostly on consumer market products, e-commerce and business process digitization. We love working side-by-side with Brand and Marketing teams as well as Business Managers.