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AI Product Discovery

We started designing AI-based products before the massive popularity boom related to generative AI. Throughout the years, we discovered that the greatest potential and value is always hidden in the creative connection of technology and in-depth domain knowledge or a great brand (or both!).

AI Boom Challenge

Each product and brand is "AI-powered" today, but not all provide authentic, unique value and innovation. Organizations are overwhelmed by the number of tools they can potentially use to optimize processes, and employees are afraid of how it will affect their position.

We would love to do more:

AI-based Product Design

AI-potential Discovery Workshops

Prototypes of AI products

AI Consulting

Machine Learning Development

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Data Platform Redesign

For the largest and most established community of shared services, global business services and outsourcing professionals we delivered extensive data tools platform redesign and web data visualisation design system.

We were highly impressed by the team's expertise in UI/UX and their technical proficiency.

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Head of Product SSON R&A

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Memory Squared - Design Driven Software House

What is AI Product Discovery?

Our AI Product Discovery is a custom approach consisting of training, workshops, and R&D work which allows you to identify, and ideate custom incorporation of AI in one of its many forms to:

  • Build a new product/service
  • each existing products or services in many areas
  • Optimize product or service
  • Optimize internal processes or logistics

We always look for solutions suiting the scale and potential of your business. It can be using a third-party tool, fine-tuning and embedding GPT in your product, building a custom machine-learning model, and many more.

Memory Squared - Design Driven Software House

How does it work?

We build custom approach for each organization and business, but most consist of modules below.

  • Initial Discovery

    - We are getting familiar with your product/service, processes, and strategy.

  • Inclusive Training

    - We are working closely with your team and stakeholders to build an understanding of AI as a tool to solve problems.

  • Ideation

    - The understanding built through training allows your team to identify potential and ideate solutions. At this stage, we are brainstorming with you and coming up with our ideas.

  • R&D and Consultations

    - When we identify some idea, we investigate its potential, effort, and feasibility. We do that through experiments, consultations with data scientists, and prototyping.

  • Solution/Product Design

    - When we confirm the potential and feasibility of the solution, we provide in-depth design and specifications to make it development-ready.

Memory Squared - Design Driven Software House

What do you need to start?

The goal of the process is to guide you through this AI revolution step by step. You don't need any prior experience or knowledge in the AI area. Feel free to book an introduction call and discuss the potential of AI Product Discovery for your organization, product or service.