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Why is Cracow a Great Place for IT Outsourcing?

icon11 December 2023
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Outsourcing company destination - Eastern Europe

Outsourcing is a concept that is inseparably connected with IT strategic business practice. Software development companies are searching for skilled software developers with reasonable costs and enhancing development efficiency by focusing on core competencies.

Traditionally, outsourcing countries include countries in Asia, such as India, China, and the Philippines, known for cost-effective solutions and large pools of skilled professionals. Nowadays, these destinations are starting to change, due to cultural incompatibilities and language barriers. That's why also Polish companies started to gain more and more attention in the IT outsourcing market.

Easter European developers, including outsourcing companies in Poland, are getting recognized as reliable outsourcing partners with high technical expertise. What makes Polish outsourcing companies so special and why Poland, especially Kraków, should be your next software outsourcing destination?

The IT outsourcing companies in Eastern European countries are more culturally compatible, their skill pool is very wide and their prices are fairly competitive with the Asian ones. A big advantage is also strict data protection regulations, which are ensured by the European Union and provide protection for your data, which could not be obvious in Asian countries, as they do not have this type of law.

But let's take a look at Cracow itself - why this particular city and none other is so good for software development outsourcing companies?

Cracow - Florianska street, a view on the Mariacka Cathedral
Cracow is an old city with a rich tradition - since medieval times, it was one of the most prominent centers of international trade in the Eastern Europe

Cracow - a big city with smaller costs

Cracow is the second biggest city in Poland, the only one bigger being Warsaw - Poland's capital city. It seems irrelevant, but in reality, it plays a big difference while outsourcing services.

Since Cracow is a metropolis, but not a capital, the prices of software development services are lower than in Warsaw. At the same time, the size of the city ensures competition in the software development market, so you can always find an IT outsourcing company that suits your preferred tech stack and price.

Polish software companies are full of highly skilled developers at competitive rates, so you can save costs without compromising on quality!

Hands throwing graduation hats
Polish education level is praised by many European countries; the amount of highly skilled graduates makes finding your perfect team an easy task!

Polish software developers - an undiscovered tech talent

Cracow's educational reputation is widely known not only in Poland. The universities in Cracow are cooperating closely with many international schools and are a popular destination for student exchanges. Cracow's universities and technical schools are recognized as top-notch educational facilities, releasing a diverse pool of talented and skilled IT professionals every year.

Polish education is also known for its emphasis on language education. the English language is a must-learn at every level of education, but many people possess multilingual capabilities, which enhances communication, especially in global projects, when language barriers can lead to undesired mistakes.

A man working on a computer in a dark room
The flexibility and openness of Cracow proved themselves very helpful with international outsourcing

Polish culture - international standards

Since Cracow became an educational hub for students from all around the world, but also many international companies have also found their home there, its residents are known for the capability of finding themselves in different cultures. That's what makes Cracow so compatible with every software development company - since they encounter many cultures daily, they're not afraid of any working environment and they possess flawless business etiquette, leading to a smoother collaboration.

Another advantage is the working hours agreement. Many of the outsourcing companies in Poland are known for working in many time zones, so finding a team that would be able to work with you in your preferred hours should not be a challenge.

A woman on running through the Europe Map; Poland highlighted
Cracow is your destination to find an outsourcing team!

Eastern Europe - not so far from the Western Europe

Central and Eastern Europe, especially Poland, are seeking closer bonds with the Western world. Polish developers are improving quickly, thriving in many branches of software development, from custom software development and software engineering to project manager services, mobile app development, and machine learning. Polish companies are introducing innovative solutions and cloud services, which makes them one of the industry leaders compared to other Eastern European countries.

However, not only does this make Polish software development companies special - it's also the proximity and good transportation between Poland and major Western European cities. Thanks to many air flights and well-developed train and bus services, you can reduce your travel costs and time spent on transfers between countries - which makes Polish companies easy to reach and visit personally.

Cracow; a view on Wawel Castle
Cracow is a friendly place to live, with quiet places to sleep and many places to unwind

Cracow's quality of life - good vibes, good work

Cracow is also a city known for its high quality of life. Affordable costs of living are playing a big part in it, but also the cultural enrichment, historical heritage, and multiplicity of green spaces are making Cracow a friendlier, better place to live.

This also has an impact on the working environment, because the satisfaction of the employees is increasing their productivity and creativity, as well as bringing good energy and motivation into the project.

Secure connection between Cracow and the rest of the world

In the context of finding an outsourcing partner in Cracow, security could have multiple meanings.

The first one is, obviously, the political and business environment. While outsourcing services, you're searching for a reliable partner who could work with you on a long-term basis, so the stability of the country itself also plays a big role in market research.

The other one is the security of your data. Poland, being a country under the European Union, must obey additional laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation, which ensures the protection of your project's top-secret details, especially in the case of custom software development. While searching for outsourcing companies, make sure that the chosen software house can keep your application safe.

Cracow; a view on ICE and Forum Przestrzenie
Let's meet in Cracow - the business city of opportunities!

Let's meet in Cracow!

Outsourcing software development could be a challenge, but not with Polish developers. The global market requires software engineers and outsourcing developers is the best way to solve this problem. While choosing an outsourcing firm, remember to check Cracow - companies in Poland are ready to join your project and make it work!

Polish outsourcing companies can provide you with any kind of service, whether is it mobile development, strategy consulting, web app development, digital marketing services, or any kind of software solutions that your project requires.

Or maybe are you already in the process of hiring developers? Our development team is ready to share their extensive knowledge and become a part of your business growth!

Cracow is your destination for a software development team!

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